Making DOOM 3 Mods : Scripts

Scripts are about as close to programming Doom 3 as you can possibly get without having to purchase Visual C++. The language is similar to C++, but is arguably a bit easier to learn and use.

There are three major components in Doom 3 that are controlled by scripts:

I listed them there roughly in order of difficulty. The map scripts are trivial to write and understand, the weapon scripts are fairly easy, and the AI scripts are a considerably more complex.

The scritping system is based around the idea of objects and events.

Objects are referenced with $name where "name" is the name of the object in DOOMEdit.

Events look like C++ member function calls, and you can really think of them that way. To send the 'hide' event to speaker_280, you'd write $speaker_280.hide();

There is a special object known as 'sys' which is where all the system calls (like print) hide. All the events (including system calls) can all be found in "doom_events.script"

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